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Family's Websites

Rich:  Boston, Quincy & South Shore, Massachusetts, Tutoring Center
Rich:  Boston, Quincy & South Shore, Massachusetts, Special Education School
Jack & Deb: 2008 Holiday Album to Family and Friends
Deb:  RNA and Center on Religion and the Professions
Tammy (including photos from Christmas 2005)
Dave (and Superimposed and Dave on
Darcy (Darcy on Flickr, Darcy MySpace and Darcy's old site)
Kathy & John

Family on the Web

Reminiscences of a Family.  For decades Mom volunteered with the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia (FHCSP) to end discriminatory housing practices.  In this article Ora M. Gudnitz describes the help she received from the Council when her interracial family moved into a white neighborhood.

Dave's career Major League Baseball stats.

Steve regularly finds his way onto the internet, including:  Readiness Management Application, Defense Logistics Agency and National Mail Order Pharmacy.

Pat has some mentions on the web, including:  History of Manor College's veterinary technology program; Pat's review of a clinical pathology text book.

Pat was the featured paper in the September 2005 Veterinary Clinical Pathology journal.  (Executive summary:  If you want to know about the classification of myeloid neoplasms, this is the paper to read.)  Congratulations, Pat!

You can listen to Jonny's Blues Show live at WXPN Live.

Deb recently started a new position at the Missouri School of Journalism.  Congratulations, Deb!

Tom McManus of the Bayshore McMani recently received a kidney transplanted from Suzie McManus.

The Wise Crackin' Melon:  Short video starring Dave.

Kelly was photo editor of UrbanLegend Online Magazine.

One of Kelly's classmates did a photo-essay about her.

As of April 19, 2009, Neil has completed 42 consecutive Boston Marathons.  Nipping at his heals is Bennett Beach, with 41.  This Boston Globe story chronicles their obsession.

Jack named Chief Counsel of the Agriculture and Environment Division in Missouri AG office.

Great Uncle George and His Sibs

The Last Hours of Mr. Big.  An account of the murder of Arnold Rothstein.  This article appears in many incarnations on the web, but this one seems to be the original.  The copyright does not appear to have helped much.

Photo Gallery of Arnold Rothstein's Murder.  This page has a poor-quality picture of George in handcuffs.  It also has a poor-quality picture of George's brother Stephen, the NYC detective.

Flosso, Murder and the Mob.  Under the influence of alcohol, George McManus confesses to the murder.  (Link broken; I'm working on getting a new link.)

The Amazing World of John Scarne.  Fascinating story of magician John Scarne and his brief association with some dangerous gamblers.

The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson.  Some color on one of the gamblers to whom Rothstein owed money just prior to his untimely demise. Here's a book excerpt about Thompson; an Irish fellow named George is featured, but no last name is mentioned.  Here's a short bio that explicitly mentions George McManus.

Vannie Higgins:  Brooklyn's Last Irish Boss.  Vannie got into a nasty scuffle with George's brother Frank; don't worry, he survived that wound.  (But didn't die of natural causes when his time came.)

Diane's Freelance Articles

The Swimmer Awakens.  Diane describes her experiences in the early morning master's swimming workouts at the local Y.

Winning Teams Team Up:  In this article in on-line endurance magazine Transition Times, Diane rhapsodizes about marathon training and trainers.

Diane's article about racewalker Bill May.

Diane describes her plunge into the sea in these three articles:  Facing the 'What-ifs', Good Cause, After Race.

Kaitlyn Willard:  high school student, national champion track star, wheelchair athlete.

Bob Fuhrman, 63, returns to competitive sprinting after heart surgery.

Neil Weygandt, ultra-runner, ran a 100-mile race over Labor Day weekend.

John Wagner is an oncologist who lets off steam with high-intensity running.

Dragon boating unites women in competition, fun and sisterhood.

Another running McManus:  Diane writes about a local runner also named McManus.  The web article is missing this first line (which appeared in the print edition):

I first encountered Rory McManus as a name near mine in alphabetical race results listsand wished I could, somehow, absorb some of the speed his results showed.

Summer Tours Explore Delco Past:  This story describes the summer 2006 Friday evening walking tours of historical sites in Delaware County.  Learn some history, get some exercise, and meet new people all at once!

Stephen Brown, triathlete, applied the lessons of his training to his battle with cancer.  Brown, whose friends call him Ironman, drew on his ability to overcome extreme hardship to face four rounds of chemotherapy.  This sidebar describes Stephen Brown's dedication to giving back to the community.  It's amazing that one person can do so much.

Open water race:  Diane swims a mile in the bay of Wildwood Crest, and lives to tell the story.  The first line of the article is missing.  It should read:

Free swim goggles while supply lasts.

Trail running on the Belmont Plateau:  Diane competes with other endorphin junkies on the hilly trails of Fairmount Park's Belmont Plateau.

Married, and racing:  A Drexel Hill couple balances family life and long-distance racing.  No easy feat.

Neil Weygandt:  Neil is awarded Philadelphia's Jack Saint Clair Award for long-term dedication and love of track and field.

Diane was recently published in Swimmer magazine.  She wrote the article about ultra-runner triathlete Cathy Tibbetts on page 24 of the September-October 2006 issue.  Warning:  This link points to a very large (9 MB) PDF file.

Maggie Fischer Cross Bay Swim:  Diane wrote this Fire Island News article about her August 2007 swim across the Great South Bay.  The uncut version of the article is here.

Dave Thomas:  Ultramarathoner dedicated to helping others.  (Catholic Standard & Times; scroll down to second article on the page.)

Kate Fonshell:  Olympic runner (10k 1996) who now has a sport psychology practice.  (Main Line Times)

Belmont Plateau:  Keeping "The "Field" of Dreams Alive:  Diane's article in the October-November 2009 Liberty Sports Magazine. (Link posted 12/19/09.)

Jack Andresen

Mom's cousin, Jack Andresen, was a great sportsman.  A trailblazer in water skiing and ice sailing, he wrote the books Skiing on Water and Sailing on Ice.  Quite possibly he also wrote Fundamentals of Aircraft Flight and Engine Instruments.

Water Skiing Hall of Fame:  Jack was inducted in 1983.  This bio describes many of his pioneering accomplishments in the water skiing.  (He also got a brief mention here.)

History of Water Skiing:  Jack gets a brief mention as the inventor of trick skis.

Jann Hinrich Andresen

I haven't got a clue what they're saying about Jann Hinrich Andresen.  But I know he's my great great grandfather.  I recognize the photo.

Jann Hinrich founded Andresen Porto in 1845.  It's still going strong today (but is no longer owned by the Andresen family).

Pete's Links

Tannerie Wood:  I designed and built this website for my townhouse association.  Admittedly it bears some similarity to my own website.

Volleyball in Montgomery County, PA:  The "Wikipedia" of Bucks-Mont volleyball.  A bunch of us use this website for organizing pick-up volleyball at local parks.  I contributed a fair amount of the content on the site, but the key thing is that anyone who is a member can edit any page.  We use it as a rolling sign-up sheet.


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