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You're Name, Sir?: A young Hugh Laurie (of House) in some off-the-wall British humor.

Kentucky Math:  Proof that 14 x 5 = 25.

Photo Booth:  Clips from Jay Leno's Free Photo Booth.

Sarah Silverman on Self Esteem:  She insults more oppressed minorities in 4 minutes than any other comedian.

I Love You More Than.  Warning:  Not politically correct.

Girl Caught Cheating:  Cringe!

Guy Persuading Girl:  Bawdy spoof on MasterCard's "priceless" commercials.

Borat.  British comedian pretending to be from Kazakhstan. The internet is littered with videos of his sketches.  Here are a few:  Lunch with Arizona Republicans, American politics, dating, Borat down south.

Music Videos

Empire:  Someone pasted together snippets from the six Star Wars movies and set it to Dar Williams' antiwar song Empire.

And I Love You.  While the boss is away, office workers dance.

Respect.  Pomme & Kelly lip sync.  It's been removed from Google Video, YouTube and VodPod.

Texas Plates:  I stumbled onto this while I was looking for a song I had heard.  It took me a minute to realize they're dancing.


Wind Suit Flying:  Very cool.  You jump off a mountain and fly to the bottom by spreading your arms out.



Great White vs. Seal.  Whoa!

Surprised Kayaker.  Whoa!

Saturn.  And its moons.

Tsunami Surfing.  Not really a tsunami, but have a look anyway.  This video sneaks up on you.


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