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Fail Blog:  Loads of pictures and videos of things not working out quite right.

Funny.Com:  A lot of it actually is funny.

Brevity:  These cartoons are a little bit like Farside.

Photo Bomb:  A collection of photos in which something unexpected happened just as the shutter opened, or an unseen intruder makes him- or herself part of the photo.  Some of them have to be setups.  R-rated.


Aphorisms, Quotations, and Wisecracks:  Tons of wise and funny sayings.  In particular, some observations on the sexes: gentleman and ladies.

Favorite Video Links:  Some of my favorite web videos.

Lion and Dog Playing Together

Today's Big Thing:  A new video posted each day.

Puzzles and Games

Circle the Cat:  The cat will run for the edge.  Click dots to block it and keep it from getting away.

Smart or Stoopid:  A quiz on math, history, current events, etc.  It'll ask you a series of questions, giving you eight seconds to answer each.  At the end it will tell you how you did compared to others who took the test the same day.

Jigsaw puzzle:  This will only take a couple minutes.

Sudoku:  Warning!  Can be addictive.  Could take a couple centuries.

Red Square:  Fun game of quick wits (helps to have a good mouse too).

Brain Teasers:  Two buckets, each with fifty marbles; you can rearrange the marbles any way you want, etc., etc.

Color Reaction Test:  At the top of the screen, you will be shown a word, such as "Blue."  Below that, there will be two buttons, each labeled with a different color, such as "Red" and "Blue."  Click on the button that describes the color of the word.  In this example, you would click on the button labeled "Red."  You get eight chances at four seconds per chance.  Tip:  As soon as you see each screen, don't read the word at the top; instead, say its color.


Google News:  Links to the latest news articles updated in real time.

New York Times:  You need to sign up, but it's free, and it's the New York Times.

Yahoo! Finance:  A great place to get stock quotes and the latest financial news.


Wayback Machine:  Incredible!  They have old copies of websites here.  Go to the Wayback Machine, type in the URL of the webpage you're interested in, and they'll let you choose which archived version of that page you want to see.

100 Best Websites

Weather Underground:  I like it better than  I also like the NOAA website; for example, here's their tabular forecast for Lake Nockamixon.

Wikipedia:  People like to talk about what's wrong with Wikipedia, but here's what's right about it:  It's almost always the best place to start when you want to learn about something.  Yeah, you can't trust a reference that anyone in the world can edit, but that problem can be exaggerated.  People all over the world watch their favorite articles like a hawk, and quickly pounce when someone randomly messes it up.

Google Dictionary:  That's right, this link just points to Google.  They are now my favorite dictionary.  When I need a dictionary, I open up a new tab in Firefox, go to Google, and type "Define:whatever".  Google then shows me all the definitions of "whatever".  When I need to look up another word, I just return to that Firefox tab and replace "whatever" with whatever.  If you need to hear a word pronounced, go to Merriam-Webster or

Internet Movie Database:  I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

Rotten Tomatoes:  Find out what the reviewers say about any movie.  If you're Steve, do the opposite of what they say.

Charity Navigator:  Look up the goals and efficiency of a prospective charity.


Huffington Post:  Liberal blog -- kind of a web-based Fox News for liberals.  This video (WMP - 14MB,  QuickTime) of Arianna being interviewed on The Cobert Report in March 2006 is a lot of fun, though now a bit dated.

Polling Report:  Check out all the latest national polls.

Fact Check:  These guys research the factual claims made by politicians of both the left and right.

Electoral Vote:  Election blog.  During Presidential elections, he tries to predict the electoral vote.

Timeline of US Presidential Elections:  This website graphically shows how the electoral vote changed from 1789 to 2008.


1X:  A lot of nice photos.

Darcy's Photos


PostSecret:  If you have a secret you want to divulge anonymously, decorate a postcard with your secret and mail it to this website.  Every Sunday they publish a new batch.

Hubble Top Ten:  Some cool photos taken by the Hubble satellite.


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