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To make the photos and other images download faster, I have reduced their resolution and compressed them.  If you would like a higher quality rendition of a photo, let me know.

Most of the images have both a thumbnail and a large version.  Click on the thumbnail to display the large version.  The large version is usually less than 1024 x 768 pixels, but even that size may be too large to completely fit in your browser window.

MS Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer can be configured to shrink the large version of a photo to fit into the Internet Explorer window.  For example, this works in v6.0:

  • In Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  • Click Advanced tab.
  • In section called "Multimedia", check "Enable Automatic Image Resizing".

Unfortunately, I've noticed that the shrinking that Internet Explorer performs can also noticeably hurt the quality of the image.  The picture quality can be improved by using function key F11 to eliminate extra Internet Explorer buttons, giving the image more space on the screen.  (Use F11 again to restore the original settings.)

Netscape.  I don't think the resize capability exists yet in Netscape.  In v7.02, the best thing I found is to click function key F11 (or use the View menu to select Full Screen").  This causes Netscape to occupy the entire screen and to get rid of extraneous buttons and such.  Click F11 again to return Netscape to its previous mode.

FireFox.  F11 works on FireFox too.  If you want FireFox to resize images to fit on your screen, do the following:

  • In Tools menus, select Options.
  • Click Advanced (on left side of Options window).
  • If there is a "+" next to "Browsing", click the "+".
  • Under "Browsing", click in the box labeled "Resize large images..."
  • Click the OK button.

Others.  I haven't tested with any other browsers yet.

In any case, you can always download the file and display it in another application that can perform resizing.


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