Outer Banks
September 20-27, 2008

See Helen's photos here.
See all of Deb's photos here.  (Deb promises edited version soon.)

The front of our house. Ours is the small, six-bedroom house in the middle.

Huge houses as far as the eye can see.

Ocean-side view of our house.

Adam, Colin, Ava, and Vanessa

Dan and Mike


Deb and Marybeth. (On a subsequent day we learned first hand why they say don't bring glass bottles into the pool area.)


Wild horses. There are still about 100 of them in the protected area north of Corolla, NC.

Deb and I drove from Philly to the Outer Banks together.

Deb and her RAV4, just south of the Virginia border.

Deb just north of the Virginia border.

Dead Loggerhead Turtle washed up on beach. You don't want to be downwind of that thing!

Photo for later IDing of bird.

I convinced Deb that she should take a turn driving on the beach.

View from the car. The only way to get to the northernmost ten miles of the Outer Banks (NC) is either by 4-wheel drive vehicle or by boat.

Stormy ocean, through our back window. Our trip coincided with a Noreaster and its 50-mph winds.

Chris grilling in the pouring rain. Makeshift protection is for the grill, not the griller.

Great White Egret in Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.

More Great Whites in the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.

Deb, what's this one called again?

$1800 Zeiss Diascope plus some excited birders. The view through that scope was sweet: crystal clear and way out there!

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Inside Bodie Island Lighthouse

Jockey's Ridge State Park. It looks and feels like a desert. The temperature is 10 to 20 degrees higher than the rest of OBX.

Random person hang gliding off the 100-foot sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park.

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