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January 8, 2011

  • Home:
    • Removed blog menu.
    • Added link to volleyball photos.
  • Essays:  Added blog menu.
  • Links:
    • Removed links that no longer exist:
      • www.haverfordarms.com
      • www.katazina.com
      • Superimposed on garageband.com
      • Travis wins Smash Bros competition.
      • Darcy snowboarding video
      • Kevin's Dot Killer program wins the Dr. Dobbs game challenge
      • Philadelphia Inquirer article about Neil
      • WXPN Archives
    • Fixed links:
      • Story about Vannie Higgins (which includes a reference to a Frank McManus)
  • Favorite Video Links:
    • Removed/fixed some broken links.
    • Added Parkour video.

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